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Our wedding party

The Girls

Erin Hecox- Sista and Matron of Honor
My eldest and very wise sister Erin lives in Littleton with her 3 boys
Tyler (husband), Logan (cutest little man in the world) and Wyatt (ferocious ball of fur). Erin is one of the most organized people I know and is great at holding perspective. She has been through this wedding craziness and has already been so helpful at keeping me calm and focused on the important things.

Marni Dowdell- Sista and Maid of Honor
Marni lives in Boulder with her boyfriend Wylie and their two pups Jax and Summit. Marn is a super success woman. Her strong personality has always been there to keep the fellas in my life in check. She is constantly inspiring with her creativity. Her fashion forwardness has been the helpful in contrasting my solid color wardrobe.

Jamie Allen Schlosser- Sista and Bridesmaid
Jamie and I have been friends for years and I am so glad to say she officially became my sister in September. Jamie, Alex (husband & groomsman) and Layla (rascally fur ball) are building their nest in Highlands Ranch. Jamie's support is amazing and a true source of strength for both Sean and me. Her fun, outgoing personality is a joy to be around!

Jess Anderson Schonberger- Forever friend and Bridesmaid
Oh Jess! Jess has been my best-est friend since I was 6 years old. Jess and Bryce (husband and groomsman) currently live in LA. I love to introduce the work she does as Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds. Jess has been teaching her entire life and now is influencing the lives of our at-risk youth in Cali. Jess always gives it to me straight and I have counted on her honestly and friendship for years.

Whitney Statham- My female Sean and Bridesmaid
Whitney and I met during our grad school adventure in Kansas as we both took shelter in the very back of each classroom. Whitney is currently in Tennessee working on becoming a Doctor of Psychology. Whitney will forever identify as a Sooner with her OK roots. Whitney and I became great friends over laughs and many late night bottles of wine. Whitney has been so supportive in helping me understand Sean's unique way for she has many similar and loving qualities :)

The Guys 

Ross Hafner- Best Man
Ross is the best man (you know him at the wedding because he will have a best man badge on his suit). I've known Ross since middle school. Ross got me my first job at Quiznos when I was sixteen. Throughout my life I’ve always counted on Ross for advice and guidance. He has kept me out of trouble (for the most part), and I trust him to complete the duties of best man with class and sophistication.

Aaron Fanckboner- Groomsman
Aaron and I grew up on the same street and were childhood friends. Although our friendship has been one of the best adventures of my life,he has been responsible for three of my five near death experiences. Aaron is always the life of the party and is the inspiration behind the phrase “if your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” Aaron lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona, where he seems to be having lots of fun. As an aside, the answer to the previous question is, “probably not, but it depends on what happened to Aaron after he jumped.”

Alex Schlosser- Groomsman & Brother-In-Law
Alex married my sister. There are two reasons he married her. One, I told them that if he broke up with her I would chop him into little pieces. Two, he fell in love Jamie and decided to make the best decision of his life. I’m glad he decided to become a member of the family because now I have someone to talk to about sports, politics, and current events. Since, I’ve got to know Alex he has become one of my best friends. He is very competitive. He is a pharmacist.

Bryce Schonberger- Groomsman
Bryce and I became great friends when we lived together for two years in college. It was during this time that I started to get to good grades, mostly because I would ask Bryce how to do it. He is the smartest person I know. He is currently earning his doctoral degree in accounting at the University of Southern California. If you see Bryce at the wedding he would appreciate it if you ask him to explain why the economy hasn’t improved as a faster pace and loves being challenged to foot-races. He is married to Jess Anderson, who is a bride’s maid.

Tim Dowdell- Groomsman & Future Brother-In-Law
Tim is Liz’s little brother. I’ve known Tim since I began dating Liz. Although he has never threatened to kill me if I hurt Liz, he did mention to me one time that he knows a place he could bury someone and no one would ever find it. We are good friends. You will recognize him at the wedding as the extremely handsome guy that all the ladies are swooning over. This is particularly important because it takes these ladies attention off of me, which is important because I’m getting married. Timmy lives in Denver, Colorado.

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